The Cowardly Lion in all of us

Reflecting recently on Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz and one of his beloved characters-The cowardly lion.  He was rough even tough on the outside til you poked him and he became what I think many of our on the inside: afraid, uncertain and a little bit insecure. So we bluff, we posture and sometimes roar.

What the cowardly lion needed was courage. One of my John Wayne coffee mugs says, “courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways”.  Most recently I have felt like the Cowardly Lion…insecure, lacking confidence to have and get what I need and want as a human.  I have lived a long time dancing, entertaining, sometimes roaring but inside needing courage. I have lived serving others, genuinely in two careers; compassionately.  And then a strange thing happened; someone loved me. Someone had the courage to reach out to me. Someone had the courage to know me. It transformed me.

Being afraid I roared and bluffed and didn’t believe it could be.  Now I have the courage but not yet the chance. So i have learned through a very hard path, that courage isn’t all that hard it is reaching out and holding what is before you; instead of dancing and bluffing and being afraid. The Cowardly Lion had lots of strategies to cope but what he needed most was courage and in the end he found it and it made him a new LION :) human.

Have courage.


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