The philosophical question of the century..WHY? The answer: WHY NOT?

Reflecting on why i make decisions. Not the simple ones like Chocolate cake or white cake: no contest, chocolate…but with white icing.  Is that taste preference or simply I can’t decide. Actually it is the former.

In big decisions about life, marriage/divorce, job/career, meaning/purpose…ah these are harder. Things we held to firmly when we were young, like the belief that the Toronto Maple Leafs would win the cup, diminish in the face of reality. Even when a decision is made there is ‘buyers remorse’..was it the right decision? Was it made on emotion or reason or some other tenant, or societal norms?

The thing about being north of fifty is you don’t have as much space as you once did to recover from decisions. You have a shorter window to recover.  Ah life you are fickle and cruel at times. So here I sit north of fifty pondering decisions and choices.



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