Light in the fog

Hard times bring out the real you. It is well known that many of the worlds best comedians had lives that were often tragic. Comedy becomes a vehicle for dealing with pain by making others laugh or worse, a cover for the complex emotions that roil under the surface.

Living in the midst of a city recovering from a tragic flood, there are a variety of responses; from despair to heroic cleanup efforts, community bonding and caring.  As i wrench through the despair of this chapter of life, i feel very much like like a recovery story. I have used humor most of my life to cope and now life doesn’t seem like a strategy that works.

I look for signs of hope, sometimes it is the presence of an online friend, whose light indicates they are there. Sometimes it is the simple breeze on a warm summery day. Other times it is the quiet assurance of hope that is born of nothing rationale but then, that sometimes is what faith is.

The muck and mire will go away, the scars will be there, the memories and the hope that something will change.



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