Who has seen the wind?

Wind it blows where ever it will and whenever it will.

The other day I was happily helping someone sweep their driveway of leaves and pine needles so they could in turn blow them off the driveway. This of course never made sense to me as a child or teenager or alright it just never made sense.

Something about aging, maybe retirement , maybe guarding of your castle..you want to keep it clean and tidy. So you buy a leaf blower. You blow the leaves around, they, dead, fragile and lifeless. And you wanting to contain them or move them to a final resting place, like a good compost heap.

As I swept I thought why is it that men do this? Why do they buy a machine just to blow leaves around? Is it a sense of control or the ability to fight the wind, with wind of our own. W.O. Mitchel asked, “who has seen the wind”? Who indeed? After thirty minutes of sweeping even on a sunny day, I retreated inside, while my friend took control of the dead pine needles by actually running them over until, in smithereens with the power of artificial wind, they were blown away.

A few hours later, you guessed it, I came out only to find a ‘fresh’ carpet of dead needles totally oblivious to the great amount of work done to clear the predecessors away. You see the wind doesn’t really care, it blow wherever it will. The leaves don’t care. It is only the middle aged man who want to have some semblance of order over his word.

For me I figured out a long time ago, the wind always wins.